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"Each diploma is a lighted match … . Each of you is a fuse.."
Edward Koch, American politician


And since performance seekers always say:

“It is all right where I am, but I know I can make progress……”,

We invite you to join us in a project which meets your needs of ceaseless training.


The project „Professional training of teachers in the pre-university education system for new opportunities of career development" represents the natural sequel of the Project for Rural Education, which highlighted the deep need of so many teachers in pre-university system to have access to a second specialization.
And now, let’s answer some essential questions:


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Improvement of educational processes is to be achieved through:

► implementation of 12 professional conversion study programs for teachers in the pre-university education system. Majors included in the programs are:
♦ Mathematics
♦ Physics
♦ Chemistry
♦ Biology
♦ Technological study
♦ Information technology
♦ Romanian Language and Literature
♦ English Language and Literature
♦ French Language and Literature
♦ Psycho-pedagogy
♦ Geography
♦ History

► development and implementation of a training program in view of specific skill formation for planning and implementation of distance education training programs for teachers in the pre-university education system

► training and certification in the specific of distance education of 100 teachers from the pre-university education system, 80% of them getting the degree as assistant professor or lecturer, increasing thus their specific expertise.

► provision of proper study conditions and facilities, didactic materials, etc. for the teachers attending the training programs, including by development and implementation of a distance education platform.